Alabaster the Alligator Gets Harness Training!

Alabaster the Alligator Gets Harness Training!

It was Alabaster’s 2nd day of work at Atlantic Fall Protection and the prospect of getting’ off the ground and installing fall protection equipment was downright terrifying. Alabaster was considered to be a tough guy in his swamp neighborhood, but at work he was just the greenest guy on the crew. Luckily for him, he was about to get some much-needed tips on how to put on a basic harness with back D-ring.

Tip 1: Unbuckle everything on the harness, empty your pockets and give the harness a quick visual inspection.


Tip 2: Grab the back D-ring and hold the harness in front of you. Locate the shoulder straps and put the harness on like a jacket.


Tip 3: Buckle the leg straps. Make sure they are adjusted so you can insert a flat hand between the strap and your thigh, but not a fist.


Tip 4: Adjust the body or shoulder straps to position the sub-pelvic strap below your butt. If it is up around your lower back or dangling between your knees it’s going to need some adjustment.


Tip 5: Buckle the chest strap. Make sure it is centered on your sternum. If your chest strap won’t adjust up or down because it is sewn in consider getting a new harness.


Tip 6: Reach over your shoulder and grab the back D-ring that should be between your shoulder blades. If not, have a friend help you adjust it up or down or take off the harness to adjust it yourself.


Tip 7: Lastly, stow all straps with the provided keepers.

The rest of Alabaster’s workday was filled with more of the how’s and why’s of fall protection. Now that Alabaster knew how to put on his harness he felt like he was ready for some real action….sort of.

Check back next time for more helpful tips on the Adventures of Alabaster.

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