Anchor Points

Atlantic Fall Protection offers a wide variety of permanent and temporary single point anchors for fall protection. Single point anchors are a more cost effective solution then horizontal lifelines and other engineered fall protection systems, but are only effective in designated work areas in which a wide range of motion is not needed. Selection of the appropriate anchor point and user equipment is essential when designing a safe and compliant anchor point system.

ANSI and OSHA recognize two types of anchorages; those that are certified and those that are non-certified.

Ranger Mobil Anchor

Range Mobile Anchor

The Gorbel Ranger is a portable fall arrest anchor point designed for 1 worker. The compact design is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. This “on the go” fall arrest system is adjustable from 18’-22’ and easily towed with a forklift.


Angel Anchor System

The Guardian Angel Anchor is an ideal solution for a single tie off point when penetrating the roof substrate is not an option. Its 3 piece spine design makes it easier to transport and assemble, and allows for the anchor to be used on surfaces with up to 5° slope.

SafRig (Custom)

FlexiGuard SafRig Mobile Anchor

The FlexiGuard SafRig system is portable with a 360°rotating 20’ anchor height and 5’10” offset. This system is available with an outrigger base or counterweight base and can easily be moved with a forklift.

EMU (Custom)

FlexiGuard Emu Mobile Anchor

The FlexiGuard EMU fall arrest system is designed for easy adjustment from 10’-15’ with a 6’6” offset. The lightweight system allows for easy mobility around the jobsite with a pallet jack or forklift. With three adjustable height models and one fixed height version plus three mounting options, there is a configuration to fit virtually any need.

Counterweight Jib (Custom)

FlexiGuard™ Counterweight Jib Mobile Anchor

The FlexiGuard™ Counterweighted Jib is a portable solution with a 17’ anchor height and 8’ offset. These systems incorporate a 360° rotating jib with the capacity to provide fall protection for one person. Forklift pockets are strategically located on all four sides of the base to ensure ease of mobility and placement from job site to job site.

A Frame (Custom)

FlexiGuard A-Frame System

The FlexiGuard A-Frame System has 15’ long rail system with a fixed anchor height of 15’. Depending on the configuration, this system has the capacity to provide fall protection for up to two workers and can be easily moved from job site to job site, providing safe and reliable fall protection where you need it.

C (Custom)

FlexiGuard Counterweighted System

The FlexiGuard Counterweighted System is designed as a portable solution to provide an overhead anchor point for multiple users while working at heights. With anchor heights from 22’ – 29’6” and rail lengths from 32’-40’ this system can be used in a variety of applications. These systems are designed to be counterbalanced by concrete or other means, allowing for close positioning to the work surface without obstructing the equipment being accessed.

R2000 Mobile Fall Protection Cart

The R2000 maintains the same features of the TriRex with a lighter weight when the situation warrants. The R2000 mobile anchor cart allows for mobile and versatile fall protection for 2-person fall arrest and 2-person fall restraint.

TriRex Mobile Fall Protection Cart

The TriRex incorporates a streamlined design with a three-point front axle locking mechanism. Designed for 3 workers in fall arrest and 2 workers in fall restraint.  TriRex meets and exceeds OSHA 1926.502 (D).

Stinger Mobile Fall Protection Cart

Small and compact, the Stinger allows for 1 person fall arrest and 1 person fall restraint. The compact design allows for transport in the back of a pickup and can fit through doorways, elevators and some roof hatches. The counterweights remove easily to reduce weight while moving. When you need versatile mobile fall protection, the Stinger will meet your needs. The Stinger meets and exceeds OSHA 1926.502 (D).

Free Standing Constant Force Post

This post is used on flat roofs up to a maximum pitch of 5º where it is impractical to install permanent fall protection on the roof or supporting structure. The post has been tested and approved for use on concrete, single ply membrane, bitumen membrane, asphalt-sanded, asphalt-stone chipped and steel roof profiles.

Relevant ANSI and OSHA Standards:

• ANSI Z359.2 (Section It is preferred that all fall anchorages be designed or selected by a qualified person. However, the standard recognizes that this may be impractical in some situations. This standard provides that a competent person may supervise the selection, installation, use, or inspection of non-certified anchorages.

• 29 CFR 1926.502(d)(15) & 1910.66 (Appendix C) Anchorages to which personal fall arrest equipment is attached shall be capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds (22.2 kN) per employee attached (for non-certified anchorage points), or shall be designed, installed, and used as part of a complete personal fall arrest system which maintains a safety factor of at least two, under the supervision of a qualified person (for certified anchorage points).

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