Permanent Ladders

Permanent ladders are commonplace on most buildings and structures. Constructed of steel or aluminum, and ranging from just a few feet to hundreds of feet in height, fixed ladders are effective solutions for work access to upper and lower levels. There are specific OSHA guidelines for the construction of fixed ladders. In our experience, many fixed ladders are not in compliance with the current OSHA standards and are therefore unsafe for use.

OSHA requires that ladder cages be provided on ladders greater than 24 feet in height. There are applications where a ladder fall arrest cable system or self-retracting lifeline may be used in lieu of a ladder cage, although both require user equipment, periodic inspections and employee fall protection training.

Atlantic Fall Protection specializes in the installation of ladder fall arrest cable systems, self-retracting lifelines, and other ladder safety products. We also custom fabricate and install OSHA compliant fixed steel ladders, ladder cages, cross overs and landings.


Access Ladders

Available in any size, these permanent ladders and ladder cages are constructed of steel with paint or galvanized finishes. Boarding rails and cross over platforms are available options for step through ladders. All Access Ladders are made in the USA and 100% OSHA compliant.


Dock Ladders

This ladder is available in three different models for Front of Dock, Top of Dock and Side of Dock mounting. Each ladder has 42” tall handrails with a diamond plate cap on each step for slip resistance. This ladder comes standard in safety green but is also available galvanized or in custom colors.


Ship Ladders

Available up to 20 feet in height, Ship Ladders are a great solution when space is limited. This ladder hybrid comes standard with 42” tall handrails, diamond plate steps for slip resistance and is constructed at a 65-degree angle. This ladder comes standard in grey but is also available galvanized or in custom colors.


Retractable Counterbalanced Ladder

This counterbalanced ladder can be released from below to provide lockable access to mezzanines or rooftops. The ladder can also be released from above to provide safe evacuation from the bottom     of existing fire escapes or other applications. Counterbalanced lead weights are concealed inside the side rails of the ladder for smooth and reliable deployment, regardless of whether snow, ice, or salt air are present. These ladders are aluminum construction with nylon bushings and stainless cables and fasteners. Custom heights, widths and OSHA compliant cages are available.


Ladder Guard

The Ladder Guard security device is designed to mount permanently to the bottom of any fixed ladder. This device will keep people off the roof or elevated work areas by covering the climbing rungs. A hasp is bolted to one side of the ladder where a lock can be inserted. The Ladder Guard comes in standard sizes that fit most ladders. Custom sizes and finishes are available.

Relevant ANSI and OSHA Standards:

29 CFR 1910.28(b)(8)(ii) For fixed ladders that extend more than 24’ above a lower level, the employer must ensure:
• Existing Fixed Ladders – Each fixed ladder installed before 11/19/18 in equipped with a personal fall arrest system, ladder safety system, cage or well
• New Fixed Ladders – Each fixed ladder installed on and after 11/19/18, is equipped with a personal fall arrest system or a ladder safety system.

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