Skylight Safety

When not guarded properly, skylights are a serious danger to workers on roofs. The solid appearance of a skylight can give a worker a false sense of security, but according to OSHA standards a skylight is simply a hole in the roof. Skylights are typically constructed of glass or plastic, and they can become brittle from baking in the sun for years. Atlantic Fall Protection has been contacted by more businesses with fatalities as a result of people falling through skylights than any other work place accident. If sub-contractors, employees, or the public can access your roof, you are at risk.

Atlantic Fall Protection provides and installs skylight guardrails and screens that meet OSHA standards for fall protection. Both of these solutions are relatively inexpensive and easy to install when considering the seriousness of this everyday fall hazard. Be aware, burglar bars under the skylight are not considered to be fall protection.


Skylight Railing System

OSHA requires guardrail protection on the exposed sides of openings in roofs and floors. This Skylight System exceeds these standards, and is one of the only products available on the market that requires no drilling into any surface for installation.

Skylight Fall Protection

Dome Skylight Defender – Clamp On

This OSHA-compliant, non-penetrating Skylight Defender is specifically engineered to protect against injuries and deaths from falls through skylights. Accommodates diverse skylight protection needs and applications, available in customizable sizes.

Clamp On

Dome Skylight Screen – Screw On

Skylight Screens provide a cost-effective, easy to install solution to falls through acrylic dome skylights. The Model A-SM1 FallGuard Skylight Screens for acrylic dome skylights are fastened to the retaining frame of the skylight being retrofitted with galvanized steel hex head self-drilling screws.


Corrugated Skylight Screen


The Model F FallGuard Skylight Screen prevents falls through corrugated fiberglass skylights. They are relatively simple to install and are a cost effective solution to a serious safety hazard. Corrugated skylights are difficult to see and can often be mistaken for the roof surface.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam Skylight Screen


The Model TSSR FallGuard Skylight Screens prevent falls through trapezoidal standing seam skylights. They are relatively simple to install and are a cost effective solution to a serious safety hazard. These skylights have the same profile as the roof and can be easily overlooked.

Relevant ANSI and OSHA Standards:

• 29 CFR 1910.28(b)(3)(i) Each employee is protected from falling through any hole (including skylights) that is 4 feet (1.2 m) or more above a lower level by one or more of the following – Covers, Guardrail Systems, Travel Restraint Systems, or Personal Fall Arrest Systems.

• 29 CFR 1910.23(e)(8) Skylight screens shall be of such construction and mounting that they are capable of withstanding a load of at least 200 pounds applied perpendicularly at any one area on the screen. They shall also be of such construction and mounting that under ordinary loads or impacts, they will not deflect downward sufficiently to break the glass below them.

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