Fall Hazard Site Assessment

A fall hazard assessment locates and identifies potential risks to employees and contractors at a facility. Businesses may be aware that they have a need for fall protection, but require professional assistance identifying the hazards and coming up with solutions.

Atlantic Fall Protection’s experienced technician works with you and your staff to identify dangerous fall exposures. Developing solutions that are compliant and user friendly is the top priority. When determining what system to use, we always consider the Hierarchy of Fall Protection to ensure that you are receiving the safest solution possible.

Site Assessment Fall Hazard Surveys include a thorough site walk through, interviews with management and workers, observation of work processes, and evaluation of existing fall protection. A detailed report will be created, siting all existing and potential employee fall exposures. The report will also include a site map, pictures, related OSHA and ANSI Standards, design criteria and solutions for each location.

ANSI Fall Protection Hierarchy
ANSI Z359.2-2007 (4.2.1) A fall hazard survey report shall be preparred for each fall hazard to which an authorized person may be exposed. The report shall identify one or more methods to eliminate or control each identified fall hazard.

In order of preference, the hierarchy is as follows:

•Elimination or substitution: Eliminate a hazard by lowering the work surface to ground level, or substitute a process, sequence or procedure so that workers no longer approach a fall hazard.

•Passive fall protection: Isolate or separate the hazard or work practice from workers through the use of guardrails or by covering exposed floor openings.

•Fall restraint: Secure the worker to an anchor using a lanyard short enough to prevent the worker’s center of gravity from reaching the fall hazard.

•Fall arrest: Design a system to stop a worker’s fall after it has begun.

•Administrative controls: Signal or warn a worker to avoid approaching a fall hazard.

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