Unfortunately for Alabaster, he was heading into an area of the roof with unguarded skylights that were in pretty bad shape. This momentary lapse of judgement and common sense could have sent Alabaster crashing through a skylight, especially since they looked like the perfect place to sit and eat lunch. Luckily, Bart the foreman saw Alabaster wandering into what had been marked as a “Danger Zone” during the morning tool box talk.

Bart explained, “Un-guarded skylights are a killer, Alabaster. Every year workers are injured or killed from falling through skylights. Skylights become deteriorated and brittle from years of exposure and the solid appearance gives workers a false sense of security. OSHA requires that all skylights are protected with a guardrail or screen, so steer clear of these until we cover them up tomorrow.”

Needless to say, Alabaster took Bart’s advice and found a safe place to devour his meal.

General Industry and Construction OSHA Standards require ALL SKYLIGHTS TO BE PROTECTED with a screen or railing. Check back next time for more helpful tips on the Adventures of Alabaster.